Weissgerber Harps

We are greatly dedicated to building handcrafted harps.

We use only selected aged, high-quality tone woods. Thus, every instrument is unique. We are glad to cater to custom requirements.


Celtic harp with 37 strings

This harp has optimal balance between the bass, mid-range and high range, producing a sonorous and harmonious sound. Its broad dynamic range and good projection makes this harp a sophisticated instrument. The 7-staved back makes for pleasant playing.

Weight: env. 11 kg
Height: 147 cm
Strings: 37 strings from G to a3

Price: starting at 4600 € with Camac levers

Artemis 39

Celtic Harp with 39 strings

This harp combines the characteristics and the feel of a single-action pedal harp with those of the Celtic harp at a stately height of 160 cm. The curved sound board formidably supports the different vibrating characteristics of the descant, mid-range, and bass strings. The harp produces a full sound and lends itself to rapid and vibrant playing. The bass range down to a contra E-flat is extraordinary, as is its light weight for its size and sound.

Weight: env. 13 kg
Height: 160 cm
Strings: 39 strings from E♭ to a3

Price: starting at 4000 € with Camac levers

Artemis 34

Celtic harp with 34 strings

This instrument is built in the tradition of Celtic harps with relatively high string tension and wide string spacing. The extraordinary curved sound board formidably supports the different vibrating characteristics of the descant, mid-range and bass strings. The harp has a full sound with a strong bass range and lends itself to rapid and energetic playing.

Weight: env. 10 kg
Height: 137 cm
Strings: 34 strings from C to a3

Price: starting at 3500 € with Camac levers


Travel/therapy harp with 27 strings

espite its light weight and small dimensions, the Seraphin has a big sound. The quadrangular sound board and the lightness of the harp makes it ideal for playing with a belt whilst standing. Thus, the Seraphin is the perfect travel companion.

Weight: env. 3.5 kg
Height: 95 cm
Strings: 27 strings from c to a3

Price: starting at 1900 € with Camac levers


Celtic harp with 31 strings

In addition to its easy-to-handle format, the Kairos has an unusually full sound for an instrument of this size. It has a staved back, rather wide string spacing and relatively high string tension. Thanks to its small size, this harp is well suited as a travel instrument.

Weight: env. 7 kg
Height: 105 cm
Strings: 31 strings from F to a3

Price: starting at 2500 € with Camac levers

Kairos Double Strung

Celtic Double Strung Harp with 62 strings

All strings are tuned on the right side.

Weight: env. 8.5 kg
Height: 105 cm
Strings: 62 strings from F to a3

Price: upon request with or without levers

Chromatic Harp Artemis

Chromatic Harp Artemis (7/5 or 6/6)

Harpe chromatique à 66 cordes en 7/5 ou 6/6. Toutes les cordes sont accordées sur le côté droit.

Weight: env. 15 kg
Height: 160 cm
Strings: 66 strings from E to a♭3

Price: upon request ( with or without levers)

Bohemian Hook Harp

Bohemian Hook Harp

This model is inspired by hook harps as they were played primarily by travelling musicians in Northern Bohemia and Germany from ca. 1850 to 1950. An essential characteristic of these harps are the sound holes in the sound board and the closed back. Also, these instruments feature lower string tension and relatively narrow string spacing. These characteristics were further developed and used to create a modern instrument that speaks immediately and with a voluminous bass and a silvery descant range - all at a light weight. The Bohemian harp can be fitted with a braying bar upon request.

Weight: env. 5.5 kg
Height: 136 cm
Strings: 36 strings from G to g3

Price: starting at 3550 € with Loveland levers

Josef Häussler Harp

Harp after the instrument on the portrait of Josef Häussler ("Mozart's harpist") by Severin Pfalz, 1834

Josef Häussler, also known as "Zöpfchen", was known in Prague's taverns from the end of the 18th century until far into the 19th century as a virtuoso and highly imaginative harpist. His encounter with Mozart, who composed a piece for him, made Häussler a legend. This harp is a re-creation of the instrument played by this Prague harpist on the only known portrait made of him. The design and stringing characteristics of historic harps of the early 19th century are brought together with modern string instrument building techniques. Gentle tension and narrower string spacing are perfect for rapid, fluid playing even without a lot of force. The instrument features a descant range full of overtones, a sonorous mid-range and a full, powerful bass. This harp can also be fitted with a braying bar upon request.

Weight: env. 6.5 kg
Height: 140 cm
Strings: 36 strings from G to g3

Price: starting at 3600 € with Loveland levers

Hochbrucker Harp

Harp after an instrument by Jacob Hochbrucker of 1738

This unusual instrument is a replica of an original from the collection of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. It was developed by the renowned instrument builder Jacob Hochbrucker – who was probably the inventor of the harp pedal – as a travel instrument for a harp virtuoso. Historically, this harp has narrow string spacing and gentle string tension, so it responds easily. The sound is brilliant and clear. This harp is perfectly suited for rapid, ornament-rich "Baroque" playing.

Weight: env. 2 kg
Height: 114 cm
Strings: 29 strings from G to g3

Price: starting at 2950 € with historical levers (see gallery)

Romanesque Harp Jubal

Romanesque Harp Jubal

This Romanesque harp has a body made from a solid block with an inset back panel. The instrument is made from curly maple. The neck and column are not glued, but joined. This harp has a brilliant and clear sound.

Weight: env. 2 kg
Height: 99 cm
Strings: 24 strings from c to d3

Price: starting at 2600 €

Bamberg Harp

Harp from the first half of the 18th century

This replica of an instrument from a private collection emanates Baroque lightness. The combination of gentle string tension and very narrow string spacing is perfect for rapid, fluid playing even without a lot of force. This harp is a wonderful instrument for musicians who interpret Baroque music, but it is also a sonorous, light, and nevertheless "voluminous" companion for all other harpists, especially when travelling. The instrument is made from curly maple. As many harps did until into the 19th century, this harp features braying, here for the lower 16 strings (G to a'). The inventive 18th-century harp builder developed an ingenious Baroque effect device – the harpist can turn the braying on and off with a single handle! The replica is available with and without a braying bar.

Weight: env. 4 kg
Height: 139 cm
Strings: 36 strings from G to g3

Price: starting at 3480 € with original-style levers

Italian Triple Harp

Italian chromatic triple harp

Original design based on surviving originals "Barbarini" and "Bologna". Built from curly maple with a pre-arched spruce sound board with a vertical grain, 11-staved body.

Weight: env. 15 kg
Height: 205 cm
Strings: 87 strings from G to d3

Price: upon request

Auf einem Blick

Model Strings Range Weight kg Height cm Price
Arios 37 G ... a3 11 147 starting at 4600 €
Artemis 39 39 E♭ ... a3 13 160 starting at 4000 €
Artemis 34 34 C ... a3 10 137 starting at 3500 €
Seraphin 27 c ... a3 3.5 95 starting at 1900 €
Kairos 31 F ... a3 7 105 starting at 2500 €
Kairos Double Strung 62 F ... a3 8.5 105 upon request
Chromatic Harp Artemis 66 E ... a♭3 15 160 upon request
Bohemian Hook Harp 36 G ... g3 5.5 136 starting at 3550 €
Josef Häussler Harp 36 G ... g3 6.5 140 starting at 3600 €
Hochbrucker Harp 29 G ... g3 2 114 starting at 2950 €
Romanesque Harp Jubal 24 c ... d3 2 99 starting at 2600 €
Bamberg Harp 36 G ... g3 4 139 starting at 3480 €
Italian Triple Harp 87 G ... d3 15 205 upon request

Sound samples

Artemis 34
Bohemian Hook Harp
Duet - Celtic harp and Bohemian harp
Josef Häusler Harp



Play your Seraphin comfortably resting on your lap.

Fibreglass case

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